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Coronavirus: Self-care

Outbreaks such as coronavirus can be scary, stressful, and bring anxiety about ourselves, our loved ones and the future. The information below may be helpful to those isolating at home, to protect emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Stay connected

Maintain connections with others you trust, and consider how you can use the phone, videocalls and messaging to keep connected. Checking in on others, and getting support, is vital for good mental health. If you’re struggling, don’t have a support network and would like to talk through any difficulties you’re having, please contact us (allow people to book an appointment with us by clicking contact us) to book an appointment

Set limits on information

It can be easy to become overwhelmed and panicked by continuous news reports. When keeping up-to-date, minimise reading or listening to the news, and use legitimate fact-based government news sources e.g. the NHS or World Health Organisation (WHO).


Plan your day. Planning things such as self-care, sleep and rest, practical tasks, work, talking with others, and hobbies, can provide a sense of purpose and reduce stress levels.


It’s well documented that physical activity has huge benefits for mental health. Some form of daily physical activity within your personal limits, can boost mood and reduce anxiety. Visit NHS (Live Well) or check with your G.P, before getting started.

Healthful Eating

The food we consume can have a favourable or detrimental impact on our mood and wellbeing. Nourishing ourselves with a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, can boost mental and emotional well-being. For more information visit NHS (Live Well).


Poor sleep can weaken the immune system and contribute to mental ill health. Ensure you get plenty of sleep and rest to help improve overall wellbeing.


Making quiet time through meditation, or if relevant, prayer, can result in feeling comfort and gratitude, promote better healthful habits, regulate emotions, and ease stress and anxiety.

For government guidelines on staying home and away from others.

Written 6th April 2020. This information does not supersede any guidance specified by U.K statutory bodies.