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Mental Health is still a priority

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Our mental health is reflected in how we think, feel, and act when faced with a difficult situation. Since a significant portion of our adult lives revolves around our jobs, as well as looking after ourselves in our personal lives, it’s essential to maintain mental health well-being at work. It is as much the responsibility of an individual as their employers who have a legal obligation to provide an environment conducive to good mental health, to ensure everybody thrives.

However, many organisations and employees have struggled to balance workplace productivity with mental health well-being. The ongoing impact of coronavirus seems to have exacerbated this problem, placing people under further pressure.

According to the ONS (1), January 2021 was reported to be one of the unhappiest January’s of the last decade, with further figures showing that 19% of employed adults experienced some form of depression between January and March this year alone. These rates are more than double pre-pandemic levels. During 2020, 79% of British adults in employment commonly experienced workplace stress, 20% higher that findings during 2018 (2). Furthermore, for a quarter of UK employees, occupational burnout symptoms have increased (3) and one in four employees has had no mental health check in during the pandemic. Covid19 has had an adverse impact in terms of increased workloads and long hours, and in turn, this has had a detrimental impact on physical, spiritual, relational, and mental health. Additionally, many people facing existing mental health challenges, have been even further affected. 1 in 6 workers is experiencing stress, depression, and anxiety. Ranstead research shows that 42% of UK workers, due to the pandemic, are currently experiencing dulled motivation and struggling with feelings of aimlessness. A decline in workplace mental health is by no means specific to the pandemic. However, as we progressively return to our workplaces, many are exhausted by the past two plus years.


How Bespoke Workshops Could Help Your Organisation

If you or your workforce are suffering from or ay risk of struggling with work-related mental health issues, I offer bespoke virtual workplace wellbeing workshops to help leaders, senior managers, and their workforces to have a greater awareness of mental health. This helps everyone to create and maintain mental health and better support others.

I have 22 years of successfully working frontline and in leadership roles in various psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and mental health services within the statutory, voluntary and private sector. I am also deeply passionate about helping others to help themselves to flourish in their mental health and wellbeing. It’s my usual process to talk through with you and learn more about you organisation’s needs, and subsequently produce tailored and effective online mental health workshops to help your workforce to flourish.

‘The workshop [Belinda] created for us was well-structured, had clear aims and had the right breadth and depth of content for our needs…the workshop was delivered with clarity, humour, gravitas, and warmth – Belinda was very engaging’. (Organisation Founder and Executive Coach).

If you’d like to book a bespoke workshops, or to enquire about how my bespoke workshops might help your organisation, please call me, Belinda Wilson on 020 3488 5396 or alternately email me at

Not addressing employee mental health, costs employers a staggering 45 billion a year.

How We Can Help Your Company

While this paints a worrying picture indeed, the good news is that there are things that you as an employer can do in taking a preventative, rather than reactive approach to mental health and wellbeing within the workplace. And, in creating a happier and healthier workforce, for every 1 invested by companies in supporting employee mental health, employers get a £5 return on their investment.

I offer effective workplace mental health and wellbeing workshops to enhance employee awareness, destigmatise mental health in the workplace and contribute to a happier, healthier workforce.

To discuss and set up bespoke workplace workshops with us for your company, please email or call 0203 488 5396.