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Welcome. If you are thinking of starting therapy, you may have questions about it. Below is some information about how our service works and how to book an appointment.

Psychotherapy is a talking therapy used to effectively treat various emotional and psychological issues. It can help you to get things off your chest, increase your awareness about yourself and your relationships, learn new effective coping skills, and make lasting change. While we offer face-to-face (in person) sessions, we also offer teletherapy, which is where sessions take place via online video-call.

This is the process for receiving our therapy sessions and what you’ll need to do at each stage.

Step What will happen
1. Make your therapy enquiry via our Website The enquiry form will ask you to fill in a few details about yourself and some information about what you need help with, so I can get in touch with you.
2. Initial Free Consultation I’ll contact you to set up a time for a free 30-minute informal consultation.
3. Book in an Assessment Session If you'd like to, and if we are a right-fit for therapy work, I'll book in an assessment appointment with you at your convenience..
4. Your Therapy Session
Your therapy journey begins!

This is to give you a sense of our service and how we work, as well as for us to get a sense of you and what you’d like help with. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions and to book an assessment appointment. This call helps us to match you with the best Psychotherapist to meet your needs.

The assessment appointment is the first appointment scheduled with you. Usually the assessment can take one session (50 minutes) but sometimes two.

Here I l get a sense of  issues you’re bringing, what you hope to gain from therapy, relevant historical information, your support networks, and, an assessment of risk. We both then decide whether to continue work together.

Your therapy journey begins. Your weekly sessions begin and I help you get used to how to talk through issues in the sessions, navigate your thoughts and feelings, and will clarify how sessions work.

You complete our brief contact form via the website.

Counselling and advice are two different things. Advice is where an expert in something tells you what they think you should do. In therapy, the goal is to help empower you to find your own answers, sometimes making suggestions or giving relevant information, to help you make informed decisions for yourself.

Although circumstances vary for clients, ideally when you feel better and like you’ve achieved what you wanted to from the therapy. It's my usual practice to review with you how things are going, and to work towards a planned ending.

As well as single sessions, I’ve found that sometimes clients like to do more intensive work in therapy, so occasionally I offer additional sessions as requested by and agreed with clients.

Online and Face-to-Face sessions are £95  per session
£105 per session if paying by health insurance or corporate funded therapy.

Online and Face-to-Face sessions are £150 per session
£162 per session if paying by health insurance or corporate funded therapy

All client fees are paid to Therapy Unlimited directly. If you are paying yourself, your are invoiced via the secure telehealth platform I use called Power Diary. You can set up a secure account where you can manage your invoice payments.

However, I also work with client’s covered by different health insurers or funded by their company. With health insurance you will need to check with your provider what and how much you are covered for, as well as who you will be able to receive therapy sessions from. I then invoice your health insurer (and you if you pay a deductible). This will need to be clear before you get started with therapy, for greater ease. How you’d prefer to pay will be clarified with you during your free consultation call.

We hold all client data confidentially and securely. Please click here to see our privacy policy.

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