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Often, people who are thinking of starting therapy may understandably have questions about it. Here is some information to help clarify how things work.

What happens in a therapy session?

You and your therapist will establish with you what has brought you the therapy, what you want from it, and how you will work together over the sessions. Each therapist works a little differently, but essentially the space is yours, and your therapist will help you get used to how to talk through issues.

Will I receive advice?

Counselling and advice are two different things. Counselling is different to advice as the client receives help from the therapists to make their own decisions, rather than be instructed as to what to do.

How quickly can I be offered sessions?

We aim to reply within 24-48 hours of your initial enquiry. We also aim to offer sessions at the earliest opportunity.

How long do the sessions last?

Both assessment appointments and therapy sessions last for 50 minutes each. Sessions can be extended to a 75 min or back-to-back double session subject to availability and fees are charged accordingly.
Are your psychotherapists qualified? Yes. All therapists are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are fully registered, qualified and experienced in meeting our aims to deliver a high-quality therapy service.

How many counselling sessions can I have?

There is flexibility and short, medium and long-term open-ended weekly sessions are available. This is agreed between you and your therapist and dependent upon your needs and goals.

How much are the session fees?

Self-Funded – Online and Face-to-Face
Individuals – £95 to £120 per session
Couples – £150 per session

Health Insurance or Corporate Funded
Individuals – £107 to £132 per session
Couples – £162 per session

For Executive Coaching fees please contact Belinda Wilson on

I or someone I know want sessions with you, but they need a BSL or language interpreter/translator. What happens next?

We do work with clients who need registered and qualified mother tongue of BSL interpreters. Please note, clients who require an interpreter/translator for sessions are fully responsible for sourcing and paying for their own interpreting or sign language service prior.

Do you provide psychotherapy and counselling via EAP or private health insurance?

Yes, however, you will need to check with your provider what and how much you are covered for, as well as who you will be able to receive therapy sessions from. Please specify during our free consultation call if you expect to claim under these bodies.

I’m looking for workplace therapy for employees at my company. Can you help?

Yes. We offer individual bespoke workplace therapy. We like to build a good relationship companies to get a sense of how best to meet workforce needs.

We hope this clarifies; however, we are happy to help, so please feel free to ask us any further questions you have at any time.