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Are you a couple struggling to communicate? Constantly bickering and arguing? Unsure of whether to stay together or part? Our couples therapy could help you improve your relationship.

Therapy for Couples

Couples therapy is where a couple attend psychotherapy together with a qualified therapist, trained to work with couples. Sessions take place on a weekly basis and last for 50 minutes.

As a couple, you may want to attend sessions to ensure the future health, success and longevity of your relationship. Alternately, you both may be experiencing difficulties in your relationship and wishing to either work through them, or, establish whether the relationship is one you feel you can continue to stay in.

Couples therapy focuses on the stage your relationship is in. It will explore each of your family histories, culture, ideas about what love and relationships are, societal influences, and how all of these components impact your relationship.

This type of therapy is also concerned with what expectations and standards each of you has about romantic relationships. However, it can also be helpful to attend couples therapy if you are facing a specific and unexpected life event that has come to place strain on your relationship.

You may be considering couples therapy to help you with:

 Communication issues
 Sexual Issues
 Premarital issues
 Non-traditional partnerships
 Lying or Betrayal
 Major life event
 Financial matters
 Old resentments/rehashing the past
 Digital technology issues such as social media, sexting, pornography
 Relationship endings

As with individual therapy there is an initial assessment, the therapy work and an ending. As with individual psychotherapy, the approach taken will vary dependent upon the therapy approach that the therapist is trained in.

Whether attending individual or couples therapy, the fundamental factor that research tells us consistently is more vital than anything else is the therapeutic alliance, that is, the therapeutic relationship built between therapist and client(s). Building a good relationship with your therapist will allow the best conditions for getting the most out of the process because there is the freedom to explore relevant issues, without judgement.

If you are thinking of attending individual or couples therapy, and would like to either discuss this or book an appointment, please click here for a free 30 minute consultation click here.