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Relationship Problems

Relationships are a central and vital part of lives and it can be difficult when we experience issues with others such as partners, family members, friends, communities/groups, or work colleagues, etc.

If you are having relationship problems – talking through these challenges in counselling – (both individual psychotherapy or group counselling) can be helpful in supporting you to gain clarity, work through feelings, and help you to make lasting change which can lead to more meaningful and satisfactory relationships.

Some of the issues tackled in relationship counselling can include:

  • Difficulties starting and/or maintaining relationships
  • Conflicts and disagreements
  • Power and control issues
  • Difficulties such as those experienced by a partner of a survivor of childhood sexual abuse
  • Difficult work relationships
  • Issues around culture and ethnicity
  • Potential loss of, or, the actual end of a relationship
  • Boundary issues
  • Abuse
  • Difficulties with intimacy
  • Spiritual issues

I would work with you to help you to take a closer look at your relationships, and identify and work through the barriers causing you problems, as well as help you identify and implement changes to improve your relationships in a safe and non-judgmental therapy space.