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Are you struggling with anxiety? I offer effective anxiety therapy to help you find freedom and relief.

If you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety, we’re here to help you. In fact, research consistently shows that therapy is the most effective option for relieving anxiety.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety, although uncomfortable, is natural in all of us. At one time or another, we have all felt worried or fearful, and in fact, the pandemic has probably brought up huge feelings of anxiety in a lot of us, either about ours or our loved ones health, or any number of things.  While we all experience anxiety, the ways we experience it, and the severity, can vary from person to person.

Many of our worries come and go, however, if anxiety starts to feel difficult to manage in daily life, if we start to venture into feeling panic, distressed, overwhelmed, or out-of-control, this is when therapy can help us to make sense of our anxiety, and find effective ways of better managing and alleviating it.

Anxiety can impact our bodies, thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, and can also affect our relationships, our health, and our lives. Avoiding the people, places or situations that make you feel anxious, or trying to control things, may provide some immediate relief, however, this can be exhausting and is not a good long-term solution.


What are the signs and symptoms of anxiety?

If you are struggling with anxiety, you may notice that you are experiencing multiple symptoms which include. 

  • Feeling nervous, tense, or restless
  • Difficulties controlling worry
  • Rapid breathing or hyperventilating
  • Sweating
  • Increased heart rate/palpitations
  • Poor concentration or going blank
  • Gut problems (gastro-intestinal)
  • Feelings of impending doom
  • Feelings of panic
  • Fatigue or weakness
  • Irritability
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Feelings of being out of control
  • Overthinking or racing thoughts


How I can help you

Whether you’ve been struggling with specific circumstances, or whether the cause of your anxiety is unclear, whether you are worrying here and there, or whether you’re experiencing full on panic attacks, I'm here to help. As a  highly experienced, fully-qualified, and empathetic therapist, I specialise in offering anxiety counselling, to help you better manage and find relief, helping you make lasting change.

I believe in working at a pace that feels right for you. Therapy for anxiety can help you to better understand your anxiety, and identify and implement strategies to overcome it.

Where anxiety relates to a situation that cannot be changed, e.g., a bereavement, the therapy can help you to work on your outlook, assisting you to work on accepting things that can’t be changed. I offer both existential therapies to provide you with a safe space to process your anxiety, as well as CBT to help you establish new coping strategies to manage anxiety related thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

If you’d like to book a confidential therapy session, or would like to find out more about anxiety therapy for you or someone you know, please call me on 0203 488 5396 or click here to book a free 30 minute confidential consultation appointment.