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Workplace Therapy

Concerned about workplace mental health? We’re here to help you build a healthier, happier, productive workforce.

Employee wellbeing has long since been a growing concern however, it has fast moved up the list of workplace priorities with the arrival of Covid19. Prior, there was a clear delineation between work-life and personal life. However, since the pandemic keeping the role of parent, partner, teacher, carer, student, and employee becoming dramatically blurred for many.

According to the ONS (1), January 2021 was reported to be one of the unhappiest January’s of the last decade, with further figures showing that 19% of employed adults experienced some form of depression between January and March this year alone. These rates are more than double pre-pandemic levels. During 2020, 79% of British adults in employment commonly experienced workplace stress, 20% higher that findings during 2018 (2). 

Furthermore, for a quarter of UK employees, occupational burnout symptoms have increased (3) and one in four employees has had no mental health check in during the pandemic. Covid19 has had an adverse impact in terms of increased workloads and long hours, and in turn, this has had a detrimental impact on physical, spiritual, relational, and mental health. Additionally, many people facing existing mental health challenges, have been even further affected. 1 in 6 workers is experiencing stress, depression, and anxiety. Ranstead research shows that 42% of UK workers, due to the pandemic, are currently experiencing dulled motivation and struggling with feelings of aimlessness.

A decline in workplace mental health is by no means specific to the pandemic. However, as we gradually return to our workplaces and progressively more and more into the outside world, some have been experiencing Covid 19 Anxiety Syndrome, signified by avoidance of public transport for fear of contracting Covid19, worrying about loved ones, checking for symptoms, and monitoring threat such as looking for symptoms in others. Many are just plain exhausted by the past 16 months.

Not addressing employee mental health, costs employers a staggering 45 billion a year.

How We Can Help Your Company

While this paints a worrying picture indeed, the good news is that there are things that you as an employer can do in taking a preventative, rather than reactive approach to mental health and wellbeing within the workplace. And, in creating a happier and healthier workforce, for every 1 invested by companies in supporting employee mental health, employers get a £5 return on their investment.

We offer good quality workplace therapy via our team of experienced, dedicated, fully qualified and fully registered team of Psychotherapists. If you notice that you, your peers, or employees are struggling with issues arising from, affecting, or exacerbated by work, then we would like to help you. We offer short term online therapy (8 sessions) to provide employees with a safe and confidential space to offload, talk through what’s troubling them, develop new coping strategies, and find lasting solutions. 

We are also able to offer mental health workshops. This is to help you to keep your remote-work workforce better connected to one another, reducing feelings of loneliness, disconnection, and isolation.

To discuss and set up bespoke workplace therapy with us for your company, please email belinda@therapyunlimited.co.uk or call 0203 488 5396.